a silent chant 

A glaive she wields, a secret
spell to drive the world to

The perfect void; the darkness
wound about an empty nothing
    let go little light
      fly firefly fly
        let the spirit enter in
          the vessel shouldn't fight
purple aura, breathe; 
hide your face in a black sleeve
dark eyes, gypsy snow; 
let go, gentle child, let go...

pain --a spinning room 
light & faint; 
stop running, my dear

ever so cold a stone...?
just because I can't control her
a little stronger... a little longer...

mist of chaos meld with time
chronos slipping mixing
hell & holy grail combine
fix a metal vortex
sound! rebirth!
confusion reconciles 
a happy ending for 
the dead astral realm; 
the revolution fell like 
a pale blackish purple

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